Thursday, April 17, 2014

Connect with a student about her interest

For the next month (and for two weeks already), my students are trying to take their learning well beyond the walls of our classroom. Take a look at their topics. Perhaps you have an insight to offer. They would love to hear from you.

The following students are examining topics important to them and appreciate any feedback, comments, or contacts you can provide. Feel free to contact me, their teacher, with questions, too (

Peace Studies  -developing action plans to try to make a difference
Katherine Bartlett- Hunger in Easton, MD, USA
Megan Blibaum- Children’s cancer in Maryland, USA
Maddie Braman - - Conflict in Gaza
Mimi Cottingham- - Domestic violence against men
Blair Foreman- - Homelessness in Baltimore City, MD, USA
Virgina Leach- - Conflict diamonds
Miana Massey - - Animal abuse in Maryland, USA
Isabelle Tinati - - Dieting excess/ Making peace with your body
Luci Shepherd- - Camdodian sex trafficking
Mandy Witherspoon - - Girls’ Rights in Afghanistan

Voices Across the Globe -  examining how communities and individuals around the world view & respond to these topics

Katherine Bartlett- @katherinebartl -
Victoria Bennett- @vicbennett16 - sexual abuse
Rita Eisner- @ritaeisner - Alzheimer’s
Brooke Fruman- @bfruman - student filmmaking
Elizabeth Gallo- @elizabethg1116 - environmental conservation
Chanler Harris - @cmhno2 - global value of college education
Haley Keller - @haley_keller5 - student actors
Eunhye Kim -@kimenhye3- Pop Art and communication
Madi Phin- @mphin96 - sex trafficking
Clare Powderly - @cpowderly14 - conservation of coral reefs
Megan Rossi- @megrossi4 - dolphin slaughter in Taiji, Japan
Paige Simmons- @PaigeSimmons12 - opposition to keeping orcas in captivity
Laura Straus - @laurastraus14 - global food security
Madison Williams-@Madison23715375 - global literacy
Ruby Wang- @RubyWang0719- writing from a cultural perspective